The strength of a company lies in its workforce.
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Using a full complement of prevention programs, Tyler Medical Services provides employers with the information they need to make these important decisions and to help workers avoid on-the-job injuries.


The strength of a company lies in its workforce. Tyler Medical Services offers employers a variety of physical examination programs to assess the health of their employees as well as identify and address potential problems.
Pre-placement examinations identify potential health problems that could affect a job candidate’s performance in certain situations. Annual examinations are performed to assess the ongoing health and well-being of a company’s workforce.
Executive Physicals allow ongoing medical surveillance for key management personnel. OSHA compliance physicals allow employers who are required by OSHA to perform periodic medical surveillance to satisfy all requirements. Regardless of the mandate, Tyler Medical Services physicians and staff are experienced, knowledgeable and can assist you with a full range of services to assure you remain in compliance.
Return to work evaluations determine the ability of an employee who has been injured or ill to safely return to the work environment.
Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals comply with federal guidelines for commercial drivers or those transporting hazardous materials.
These services offer businesses effective options for minimizing employee health risks and avoiding future health care expenses.
Drug abuse is a serious and widespread problem in the workplace, resulting in decreased productivity, tardiness, absenteeism, diminished product quality and increased health care costs. Statistics indicate that millions of employees have substance abuse problems costing American businesses billions of dollars each year.

Tyler Medical Services has extensive drug testing experience and is able to help employers establish a drug free workplace with:

Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) services.
SAMSHA-approved drug testing through our selected, certified laboratories.
On-site urine drug testing and breath alcohol collections at your location.
FDA-approved rapid drug screening providing employers with same-day, immediate results for negative drug screens.
Collection site coordination with consolidated billing statements for all services.
Breath alcohol testing and data retention.
Drug and alcohol testing consortium pool with computerized random selection program.
Employee assistance and supervisory training programs coordinated through Renz Center.
Substance Abuse Policy development and consultative services.
E-Screen and E-Chain Testing
Tyler Medical Services has made a special commitment to drug and alcohol testing in the workplace. Our goal is to assist employers to balance respect for individual employees with the need to maintain a safe, productive and drug-free environment.
Can a prospective employee perform the essential functions of job? How can on-the-job injuries be reduced? Using a full complement of prevention programs, Tyler Medical Services provides employers with the information they need to make these important decisions and to help workers avoid on-the-job injuries.
Ergonomic Evaluation: Our therapists identify ways to make the work environment safer and more productive.
Functional Job Analysis: An assessment of proper working body mechanics for a particular job.
Job Site Analysis: An assessment of the essential functions of a job. This information is used to develop a functional job description and a screening mechanism for a position.
Functional Job Description: An accurate evaluation and description of the essential functions, critical demands and possible modifications of any job in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Pre-work Functional Screen: ADA compliant screenings designed to ensure a potential employee is capable of performing a particular job.
Prevention/Education: Working closely with employers and their employees, our programs identify potential work injury risks. Educational programs empower employees to understand key issues allowing them to perform job functions more safely.
Physical Therapy: Our highly skilled staff is supported by the full complement of clinical resources available through Tyler Medical Services. Acute treatment, job simulation, lift task analysis, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, strengthening exercises and more are available.
In addition to therapy, Tyler Medical Services also provides work conditioning programs designed to help employees return to work in a safe, timely manner. These intensive programs strengthen and restore injured employees’ physical abilities by simulating job duties and maximizing their tolerance to the physical demands of a job.

What makes Tyler Medical Services unique is our interactive approach to addressing the wellness and preventive health care needs of your company. Our broad range of wellness services are designed to assist you in creating a healthier workforce thus reducing the health care costs of your company.

Back injury prevention
Blood borne pathogen training
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
First aid training
Flu shots
Hepatitis B immunizations
Nutrition and exercise
Tetanus immunizations
Tuberculosis screening

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